SheCycles IndustrialArea

4 Apr

Industrial Area has transformed, though only partially from the dusty, off-road zone it used to be, what with heavy trailers and trucks having destroyed the roads.

I cycle through industrial area at least twice a month; to visit my bike parts guy near Tetra Pak industries and to East African Sea Foods packing plant to stock up on Tilapia and Mackerel fish for a song.

My access point is from the Nyayo Stadium round and down Lusaka Road past CMC and on to Enterprise Road. The Lusaka Road ride is against a strong head wind which causes me to strain as if pedalling uphill.

Here is a ride through part of the main vein that is Enterprise Road.

In Pictures:

Saturday mid-morning is not too busy on Lusaka Road.

A silly "accident" at a junction along Enterprise Road.

A silly "accident" at a junction along Enterprise Road.

Enterprise road can get quite slow even on a Saturday morning. There is little room for a cyclist who may have to share the gutter/curb side with a handcart puller. The vehicles do give room if they see a cyclist.

There is a very smooth, inviting foot path alongside...But the no propelling on foot paths Nairobi City By-Law holds even here. No one enforces it, and when traffic is too hectic on weekdays, cyclists jostle for room on the foot path.

The handcart puller and I hug the curb. My tires are tough but the likelihood of a nail, or glass on the shoulder is very high.

A section of Road A is pedestrian friendly... and the little pavement protectors (bollards) ensure it stays that way.

A section of Enterprise road loops back. Enterprise road itself goes on another 2-3 kilometers to join Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

Handcart puller with giant water drums...Dunga Road.

Kampala road

The side walk on Kampala Road is mostly parking and quick fix shops for the car parts shops, so little room for pedestrians. Plenty of room for cyclists though.

Happy Cycling in Nairobi and beyond! ❤ Nairobi! ❤ Cycling!


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