Nairobi Cyclathon 2012!!

14 Aug

Join in to make Nairobi a cycle friendly city… Some day! ❤NBO❤

Statement from organizer:

Innovent Africa Limited (IAL) is an organization dedicated to developing creative and exciting ways to engage our population in becoming environmentally conscious. We aim to provide new avenues to our demographic while encouraging them to play an active role in climate issues. Our Inspiration is a quote by US President Barack Obama on rebuilding our world:

“The Critical Truth is, the Nation that leads in the creation of a clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the 21st Century’s global economy.”

Even though our continent is the lowest contributor of substances that are causing a shift in climate, we are the most affected by these changes. IAL’s Eco-Green planned initiatives revolve around:

  • Creating a new platform to inspire new green conversations
  • Investing in green socio-economic projects
  • Communicating green living options, green values and green inspiration
  • Inspiring Africa’s youth and young adults to play an active role in environmental conservation
  • Informing without causing paranoia or fanatical behaviour
  • Providing Eco-Green impact for Kenya and Africa


The Nairobi Cyclathon 2012 is a road race around the state house/ UON made up of a 3 lap, 9 km circuit, and a chance for you, your team and your family to push yourselves to the limit in this exhilarating experience.

The participants will be from 3 categories:

Category Description
Senior Elite Over 18 and competing for prize money
Junior Elite Under 18 and competing for prize money
Fun Ride Riding for support of the cause

The winners will be from the Junior Elite and Senior Elite, both men and women and will win the following prize money:

Men and Women Senior Elite Junior Elite
1st Place Ksh. 10,000 Ksh. 8,000
2nd Place Ksh. 7,000 Ksh. 6,000
3rd Place Ksh. 5,000 Ksh. 4,000


To sign up for the Nairobi Cyclathon, visit and complete the form on the website.

Follow up with Mpesa payment to 0723 807 511 or 0720 322 840 based on the category you selected:

Category Entry Fee Description
Senior Elite Ksh. 2,000 Over 18 and competing for prize money
Junior Elite Ksh. 2,000 Under 18 and competing for prize money
Fun Ride Ksh. 1,300 Riding for support of the cause

Follow up with a confirmation text with your active email and names of the persons you have made payment for and category.

Proof of age will be required by showing a copy of your birth certificate, passport or National ID. All participants should complete the consent form and bring with them on race day.


The route planned will be a tight 9 km circuit originating at the Kenya Urban Roads Authority – Children’s Traffic Park around the general State House/UON area. Details of this will be given to the participants on the event day, for security and fairness.


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